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Bolad’s Kitchen - The Singing Seeds And Flowering Hands

A course in overlooked histories, ways of thinking and doing things of forgotten peoples and places that still live in the smallest of places.

Dear Hopeful Lovers of Life and Beauty,

This is a letter from me, Martín Prechtel, inviting you and your friends of like mind to become a student in The Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands the newest most recent class of my “school” Bolad’s Kitchen.

Bolad’s Kitchen is a course in the overlooked and rare histories of forgotten peoples worldwide; their animals, places, plants, food, music, clothing, language and the flowering of their hands, all in an attempt to recognize what an intact original human approach to living encompasses. Bolad’s Kitchen tries to address in a tangible way the reality of our eternal everyday physical and spiritual indebtedness to the world’s earth both past and present. A place where we can not only give a living home to replant those seeds of ancestral memories that reside yet today unheeded in our hands, original minds and strange disregarded parts of our everyday lives, but to approach and spiritually address our unpayable debt to the Wild Natural Earth, with the ability of their revived remembrance in order to hold a place out of which to sprout a time worth living in beyond our own.

While Bolad’s Kitchen has become as precious to me as the sweet pleistocene aroma of a free-born cavorting colt or the stirring dusty acridity of a newly found ancient red clay jar full of still viable seeds from a forgotten time, the school is nothing without its students. After all, the students of Bolad’s Kitchen and the personal discoveries they make in this village style of teaching are the seeds. It is the very wide array of our backgrounds, genders, cultures, colors, classes, stages of exile, ages, doubts and all our sincere failed attempts to make a better future that make up the content of the kinds of spiritual seeds needed to keep these knowledges alive and renewable today as we bravely continue to approach a way to intactly live in the digesting belly of the blasé nightmare of modernity’s arrogant objectifying trance and untenable depressive policies.

I, Martín Prechtel, hold out to you in a fully opened hand the possibility of coming together in a fresh new Bolad’s Kitchen gathering, meeting in the ‘Lady’, our desert adobe hall, where dreams, remembering and the nobility of our minds and delicious language have a home. Please come and help us in this age of cultural amnesia to approach together, court and propagate the ancient seed, in hopes enough vitality can still be found in the most ancient of our bones to sprout a tree of Indigenous intactness to feed and replant a time of hope beyond our own.

I am inviting those of you that wish it, to plant your forgotten hearts into the next four-year cycle of students to add to the caravan of beauty already here.

I invite any of you who might have the deep interest, courage, love or desire to come help us, together and individually, travel into the inner bigness of a Bolad’s Kitchen search of a more widespread, diverse spiritual and practical indigenous overview to find the origins of the present-times’ troubled orientation and apparent unconscious alienation from the natural soul, always with the intention of trying to re-sprout real cultural comprehensions in our daily lives and an actively applied everyday form of hope with the blessings of those tangible details. In such a way maybe the Indigenous Soul of diverse people, plants, animals, land, stars, space, ideas and Holy Matter might jump up and live again.

There is a lot to say, a lot more to tell, but to begin if you are going to register please be so kind as to write a couple of paragraphs that let me know why you want to come and send it along with your registration. That way you will know a little better what you’re thinking, and we can get to know you a little bit better.

I cannot wait to get to know your willing hearts, see your faces and to give the ancient memory of indigenous ability a home here in the land of my heart: the wild Northern New Mexican upland desert, mountains, rivers and windy mesas.

Long life, honey in the heart, no evil, thirteen thank yous.

Martín Prechtel


Note: Like a jar of precious seeds the Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands is full to the brim with registered students. This class registration is full and can’t take any more. But, new classes are always forming and though the list of the next class is filling up, there is still some space. To sign up for the next available Bolad’s Kitchen class visit the New Classes page.


A Letter of Schedule for the Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands

My deep affiliation for wild plants and animals is well known, but my friendship for all families of whales is of the most lyrical.

I love whales and I love teaching Bolad’s Kitchen.

I’ve been eager to see you all and get going on Bolad’s Kitchen learning.

But, you and I have not been simply waiting to get started.

Like a pod of beautiful whales, together we have had to dive deep into a sea of previously unfathomed possibility, where each of us, still active, has learned to swim more creatively and grow even more thankful for having been given life, instead of stranded on the shallows of the modern world’s mind which thinks its search for the old death-like-comforts should continue to be a given.

After all, it is only Nature’s bucks, knocks, bounty, beauty and caresses that sculpt raw humans into worthy cultures of real people.

Ever so soon, this pod of echoing whales: The Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands will be called together and begin to surface and a schedule will be posted by me, Martin Prechtel, letting you all know when, where and how. It’s not far off now. Keep learning.

To help you prepare, if you have a chance, read Rescuing the Light, and especially look up page 128, 3rd quote. I made this book especially for Bolad’s Kitchen students.

Patience, courage, tribal beauty, courtesy, usefulness, and even more so the deep recognition of the hardship and grandeur of cultures, animals, plants, places and people, especially people other than ourselves, is the first order of learning in Bolad’s Kitchen.

Bolad’s Kitchen is not a mine of knowledge, but a place to become a person worth knowing and descending from. (New students repeat all the above until it becomes your skin). The nobility gained by learning to wait to learn in our school is the first lesson of your school.

all blessings,

             Martin Prechtel   

2022 Registration
Bolad’s Kitchen

The Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands

Registration is currently full for The Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands. If any enrolled students need to update their registration information, please print and complete the attached Registration Form below and send it to us, or call the office at (505) 583 9103. Dates for Sessions One and Two will be sent to all students as soon as they are established.

Send by Mail to: Bolad’s Kitchen, PO Box 338, Ojo Caliente, NM 87549

Send by fax to: (505) 583-0029

Download form in Adobe Reader PDF format

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