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Please, Come Sit By My Fire
Audial Lecture Series


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Please, Come Sit by My Fire is an audial lecture series that airs every first and third Wednesday of every month (2 lectures per month). You will receive an email to the address you use at checkout with instructions on how to listen in any podcast player. The lecture series began in April 2024. If you are subscribing for one month at a time, you will have access to the two lectures from that month as they come out. Yearly subscriptions are charged in full for the year at the time of purchase. Subscription sales are final; no refunds or returns. All blessings.

Additional information

Membership Level

Season I (12 months, 24 lectures) – $600, July 2024 (one month, 2 lectures) – $60, June 2024 (one month, 2 lectures) – $60, May 2024 (one month, 2 lectures) – $60, April 2024 (one month, 2 lectures) – $60

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