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How to Listen to Please, Come Sit By My Fire

If you are familiar with podcast RSS feeds, you can take your RSS link to the podcast player of your choice. You should have received your RSS feed URL in an email from us.

If not, don’t worry! Here are our suggestions for listening, depending on what type of device you are using. If you experience any trouble with listening, please let us know and we can help guide you through setting it up:

Apple computers or phones: Use the Apple Podcasts app. On a phone, go to “Library”, click Edit (three dots) and then “Follow a Show by URL…” and paste in your RSS link from above. On a computer, open the Apple Podcast desktop app, click File > and select Add a Show by URL from the menu and paste in your link.

Older Apple computers, or Windows computers: Use Apple iTunes if you already have it or are already familiar with it. Go to File>Subscribe to Podcast… and enter your RSS link above.

For Linux, Chromebook and Windows users, consider VLC. Scroll down to Podcasts (Go to View>Playlist if you don’t see it) to add your RSS URL – there will be a plus sign, or “Subscribe” button.

For Android users, try the Castos app. If you log in with the email address you subscribed with, you should see your lecture feed there already.


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