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Please, Come Sit By My Fire

Martín Prechtel’s Audial Lecture Series
Talks from the Flowering Mountain

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When I was young there still existed villages and tribal peoples whose everyday lives happened right on the Earth; not on concrete, not in girder-supported drywall cubicles, not on the synthetic face of techno-modernity: but right on actual earthen floors. The same Earth that grew the food we ate and from whose substance was made the pottery in which that food was cooked. The same earth we walked on, the babies were born on, the same earth we lived on, in, and cared for.

And it was inside our one-room houses, in one corner right on top of the earth floor, where an expertly tended cooking fire sat neatly burning. This fire was the heart of our homes, the heart of our family heritage, the veritable heart of all village life. It was the universal presence of the family cooking fires burning right on the life-giving earth inside 2,000 village family homes that kept us all emotionally intact, alive, and knowledgeable. For it was here that everybody’s day began and from where they sallied forth before dawn to their daily work and adventures, and then in the evening right back to the family fire to eat and reconvene at the end of the day: back to the heart of the family by the fire, back to the heart of their ancestors, to be fed and made whole again after being bruised and eroded by the big harsh world outside in the inevitable wear and tear of daily life in pursuit of a living.

This “forever fire” was an institution. Here we all told our dreams, recounted the day’s adventures, told all important messages, and especially it was here where we were fed, brought our gifts, and remembered all the history of the cosmos and Her people, plants, and animals. It was here where all the orphans were fed and all those old-time men and woman with no children to keep their own fires going. There were no displaced homeless villagers because for the most part at every fire, there was a welcome: food, chatter, listening and education.

And by the same custom of reasoning, visitors from other villages, visitors from other parts of the world were always welcome at the fireside. The fire was a living deity. He was the memory of all existence literally sitting right inside your house looking back at you and always listening alive and vibrant. He was the world’s Holy Old-Man-Fire. Because visitors were always suspected to be various Gods in disguise coming to test you for your generosity, your clan would always be favored in the memory of the people and the Holy in Nature for your bravery to give your last crumb to the visiting stranger.

Every word spoken, every action taken, every mouthful of food and liquid, every mythology reiterated, every taboo and custom remembered was considered the fire himself talking, the fire feeding, the fire telling the stories, the fire remembering: the fire adding the story of our fates into the matrix of the big story.

So when someone said, “Please, come sit by my fire,” it was a BIG thing; as it was known to be all of the above and an invitation for us to renew together what it really meant to be an integral human being in the most commonly practical everyday way by sitting and eating, listening, and speaking delicious words. This ancient but constantly new presence of our cooking fires was this vision. FIRE is vision.

Even these days anywhere in the world, when people come together to eat food that is being prepared in someone’s home, unless there is a barbecue grill outside, or a fireplace in the living room everyone will eventually end up in the kitchen or wherever there is fire. That is why people put candles on the dining room table. Our Pleistocene souls and Pleistocene bodies know and always need the fire, togetherness, and eating to be well. We may have bought into the idea that “civilized society” has come a long way; maybe a long way away from remembering what it means to be a real human being with other human beings, but our core substance still misses the old reality of the village fire.

That part of us that is the bigger, older, deeper understanding part is constantly hurt and compromised by the soul-pummeling loneliness with which the shallow-commercial-comfort-oriented daily existence modernity immerses us, forever pulling us away from ourselves and always dressed up as “progress”.

But if that beautiful wounded natural core of yours is looking for that ancient familiar voice and a place by the hearth, I, Martín Prechtel, invite you to Please, Come Sit by My Fire.

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Please, Come Sit By My Fire
Audial Lecture Series


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