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New Classes

Bolad’s Kitchen is a course in the overlooked and rare histories of forgotten peoples worldwide; their animals, places, plants, food, music, clothing, language and the flowering of their hands, all in an attempt to recognize what an intact original human approach to living encompasses. Bolad’s Kitchen tries to address in a tangible way the reality of our eternal everyday physical and spiritual indebtedness to the world’s earth both past and present. A place where we can not only give a living home to replant those seeds of ancestral memories that reside yet today unheeded in our hands, original minds and strange disregarded parts of our everyday lives, but to approach and spiritually address our unpayable debt to the Wild Natural Earth, with the ability of this revived remembrance in order to hold a place out of which to sprout a time worth living in beyond our own.

My custom has been, since I started Bolad’s Kitchen’s school, that once a new class is filled up, I continue to keep a list of new people who want to join a new Bolad’s Kitchen class. When this list grows to where there are enough people, a new class is created, with its own name, own time and schedule. Then I start adding new people to the next list and on it goes.

As of this writing, I’m busily teaching two wonderful ongoing Bolad’s Kitchen classes: The Salamander’s Hand and The Tule Pond, while the newest class The Singing Seeds and Flowering Hands is full and will begin meeting here for the first time relatively soon. Meanwhile a list is going again.

If you want to join the next available class, please complete the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

When you sign up, we promise that those on this list will be the first to be notified when the next new class begins enrollment.  This way you have a chance to officially register as a student before we open registration to the “world at large”.

all blessings,

Martin Prechtel

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