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Grief and Praise Lecture on CD

Lecture – approximately 1 hr

Available on CD for $15.00. Coming soon as digital audio for download.

CD. This lecture comes from a 1997 talk Martín Precthel delivered in Minneapolis, MN on the seemingly juxtaposed but as he explains inextricably connected twin subjects of Grief and Praise. He eloquently describes how these are both innate and essential human capacities, that have atrophied in the modern world and must be re-developed to live well and metabolize our losses into the wondrous possibilities of making more life.


Many years later, in 2015, Martín took up the subject once more, and in a greatly expanded version of the original talk, published The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise through North Atlantic Books, available for purchase here.

Purchase Now – $22

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Each of these beautiful stories is full of delicious knowledge and spirit and like all good horses, when they bring you home at the end of the ride, you feel exhilarated and closer to your true self. I enjoyed reading it immensely.”
— Malcolm Ebright, Author of Pueblo Sovereignty, Advocates for the Oppressed, and The Witches of Abiquiu.

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