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Martín Prechtel

Teachings of the Flowering Mountain

Please, Come Sit By My Fire
Martín Prechtel’s Audial Lecture Series
Talks from the Flowering Mountain

Ah! Oh!  Look up!

Listen – what’s that?

That’s the sound of life returning to the suffering Earth: the magical songs of Sandhill Cranes migrating north, overhead, here, up our Ojo Caliente River valley. Their sound is so otherworldly. Please open your beautiful ears: listen! they’re calling out your names. How I wish you were here.

Maybe you could be:

Tune in to my twice-a-month audial-lecture series:

Please, Come Sit By My Fire
Martín Prechtel’s Audial Lecture Series
Talks from the Flowering Mountain

Where doing what I do best, I teach, laugh, sing, and bless for an hour and a half, every two weeks throughout the seasons, every month all year long, all the while intending to breathe life into what it could mean to somehow keep the village-style ornateness of our natural souls and the courage of our hearts alive and in these anxious times. It is so intensely strange in this era of massive communication possibility that we have grown so distant from one another and our real selves. So, direct from my word-hoard into your red-jumping-core, I, Martín Prechtel, invite you to Please, come sit by my fire.

Starting in April 2024, every first and third Wednesday of every month.
Sign up for one month at a time or for the whole year.

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Martín Prechtel’s Award-Winning Book: The Wild Rose!

The Wild Rose receives the Benjamin Franklin IBPA Silver Award! Martín’s writing was recently honored by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association Awards with a Silver Medal for his 2022 work Stories of My Horses Vol. II: The Wild Rose.

Be sure to check out this much-beloved book, available in print and audiobook, along with its Stories of My Horses series-mates: The Mare and the Mouse (Vol I) and The Canyon Wren (Vol. III).

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Winner of the Benjamin Franklin IBPA Silver Award! The second volume in the 'Stories of My Horses' Trilogy chronicles what it takes for Indigenous beauty and wild vitality to live, disappear, reappear, revive, and thrive in the modernity’s unsympathetic clatter, and seems to hint the self-spinning condition of today’s mindset is a spiritual illness that can cease being the relentless oppressor of Nature, open land, and Naturalness in People, and re-find its own health and nobility of soul.
Martín Prechtel:
Teachings of the Flowering Mountain

The Flowering Mountain website is home for details on all the teachings and offerings of Martín Prechtel: artist, writer, musician, storyteller, teacher, healer and leading thinker. You will find information on all of Martín’s books, lectures and audiobooks and options to purchase them. You’ll also find details on Martín’s ‘never-before-seen’ school, called Bolad’s Kitchen, including information about new and ongoing classes, and how one can enroll. There are many recorded radio and podcast interviews of Martín from over the years one can listen to, more information and testimonials on Martín and his work, and of course ways you can be in touch with us directly with any questions or words you’d like to impart.

Martín Prechtel’s School:
Bolad’s Kitchen

Bolad’s Kitchen classes happen in four-year courses where people can continue learning in a much fuller way the connected overview of all things that I, Martín Prechtel, teach and believe.

Each time a class meets, we pick up right where we left off the last time we met. In this way, by means of lecture, riddle, music and hands on participation, students are taught in an ongoing-continuous-stream of learning, not unlike the way many tribal people learn in a village setting.

Without the time limitations one experiences in annual workshops or the sporadic conference: where only the surface of anything is barely scratched, I created Bolad’s Kitchen School so that those who want to continue learning with me in a deeper way most certainly have a place where, with others of a similar mind, they can come and do just that.

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NEW RELEASE on Audiobook! Now you can listen to Martín read 'The Canyon Wren', the beautiful third volume in his 'Stories of My Horses' Trilogy!

Martín Prechtel’s Books & Audiobooks

All of Martín’s beautiful, award-winning books are available here for purchase. Order print copies directly from us, which will be personally inscribed by the author for no additional charge.

New Release! The third volume in the Stories of My Horses trilogy is here in hardcover and on audiobook! The Canyon Wren is the continuation and beautiful punchline of the full tale of Martín Prechtel’s award-winning Trilogy: The Story of My Horses, and picks up right where The Wild Rose leaves off. This third book in the trilogy brings the story far away from all those troubled times, ins and outs, hardships and betrayals, involved in the author’s effort to gather up again those old style Indian Ponies of his youth, and heads us back out into the wild land and the beauty of ranchito New Mexico, where as an integral part of the lives of his new family, their family herd of rare Spanish/Native New Mexico horses play out a series of unexpected peculiarities and surprising horse antics that push the envelope of what mainstream culture has come to assume defines horses and the people that have them.

Audiobooks Now Available: Martín has recorded all of his books as audiobooks, so readers and listeners alike now have the golden opportunity to hear the author himself reading his books aloud. The audial versions of all three Volumes of the award-winning Stories of My Horses Trilogy, The Mare and the Mouse, The Wild Rose , and The Canyon Wren respectively, are newly available for purchase and download directly through our website and wherever audiobooks are sold! Audiobook versions of Rescuing the Light, The Smell of Rain on Dust, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic, The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun, Stealing Benefacio’s Roses, and Long Life, Honey in the Heart can be purchased and downloaded directly from the publisher, North Atlantic Books, or wherever audiobooks are sold (,,, etc).

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Praise for Martín’s Books

“This is a very powerful soul-growth book, one of the most powerful in recent years. The ideas are so fresh and new that they quicken the taste buds and put an expectant readiness in the legs!”

“Martín Prechtel’s book is beautifully written and wise… he offers stories that are precious and life-sustaining. Read carefully, and listen deeply.”

“It’s a precious thing, this book. I’ve never known another like it. It’s a great encyclopedia of beauty… Like some poems of Neruda’s, it is a treasure house of language, in service to life.”

“Alchemy, by definition, metabolizes and transmutes. A reading of The Smell of Rain on Dust is alchemical. If the shredding of the glorious web of life has you sinking into a depth of despair, read this book; your grief can metabolize and transmute such wrongness. Deep and delightful, The Smell of Rain on Dust is also instructive. It will charm you into wanting to live life more fully, to walk in beauty even amongst modernity’s polarized spiritual failures.”

“Here Martín Prechtel sends us an invitation to peace: to personal, village-level, and world peace. His indigenous wisdom gives us much-needed insights into the reverberating impact of not grieving our heart-rending losses. Most poignantly, he shows us the devastating inheritance of our ever more voracious wars and the misunderstood burden of ghosts that swirl around our modern warriors. Yet, instead of leaving us more despondent, every chapter holds out a new seed, breaking into new life. Martin coaxes us through funny and quirky turns of the ordinary and the miraculous to leave us inspired to wake up singing to the beauty of our rising sun and live in praise of this complex and gracious world.”

“Martín Prechtel is one of the most profound teachers I have ever encountered. He is an unusually gifted artist, musician, storyteller who guides and initiates with passion, kindness, eloquence, wisdom, fierceness and humor, awakening us to the sacred realities present everywhere at all times. To be with Martín is to remember the forgotten divinity that is the very essence of who we are.”

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